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16 Years Dedication in Cytological Diagnosis -TIB Attended 17th National Cytological Conference

    The 17th National Cytology Conference sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association and the Pathology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and hosted by the Shandong Medical Association, Weifang Medical Association and Weifang People's Hospital was held in Weifang, Shandong, from June 14 to 16. The conference set up special sessions on gynecologic cytology and non-gynecologic cytology. Cytology AI appeared at this conference as an auxiliary diagnostic technology and received extensive attention.


    As an experienced manufacturer specializing in cytology, TIB actively stands out again in this conference. While introducing a series of liquid-based cytology products, the latest HPV23 genotyping kit was also displayed to further improve the cervical cancer screening solution. TIB will focus on the cytology field as always to contribute to the development of cell pathology for woman health.

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