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    Founded in 2004 with a registered capital of US$ 130 million, Triplex International Biosciences (China) Co., Ltd. (TIB) is a high-tech biomedical enterprise which integrates R&D, production and sales  of molecular diagnosis and the supporting instruments as well as  high-end medical diagnosis services. In 2014, the Triplex Biological Park Phase I  Facilities with a total investment of US$ 88 million and covering about  70,000 square meters has been put into use officially, which has made TIB the largest R&D and production center of molecular diagnostic reagents and clinical services in China even in Southeast Asia.

    TIB has obtained more than 60 registration certificates for its in-vitro diagnostic reagent (IVD) products, as well as the production and business licenses, from CFDA. TIB's products are mainly used for the diagnosis of tumors, infectious diseases, genetic diseases and heart diseases. Among them, techniques for fluorescent PCR based diagnostic kits, such as diagnostic kits for Group B Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and its drug resistance counterpart, deep fungi and others, have reached the international advanced level and the leading domestic level. TIB also provides overall diagnostic solution for gynecological disease and Eugenics. TIB sells products to more than 30 provinces and cities except Taiwan and Tibet, with more than 2000 hospital and diagnostic agent users.

    The continuous dedication to molecular diagnosis has earned the leading status of the IVD industry in China for TIB. The state and provincial governments have awarded a series of reputation and honor titles such as “The National High-tech Enterprise”, “The Standing Director Unit of China Translational Medicine and Biotechnology Union”, “The Director Unit of Fujian In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagent Industry Strategic Alliance”, and “The Excellent High-tech Enterprise in Xiamen” to TIB for its dedicated contribution to the IVD industry.

    TIB has been always committed to build its own  IVD R&D highland. It has set up independent research centers in Beijing, Xiamen and Fuzhou cities on the basis of the research platforms such as “The State-Local Joint Engineering Lab for Molecular Diagnosis”, “The Fujian Provincial Engineering Lab for Molecular Diagnosis”, “Fujian-Taiwan Medical Instrument Technology Cooperation Base”, etc., cooperatively established joint R&D centers with famous scientific research institutes in China and abroad, such as “The TIB-University Laboratory of Molecular Pathology“ established cooperatively with Beijing University Medical Center, “The Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Joint Hepatobiliary Technology Innovation” established cooperatively with Shanghai Oriental Hepatic Hospital of Second Military Medical University headed by academician Wu Mengchao and Meng Chao Hepatobiliary Hospital of Fujian Medical University. In addition, it has carried out extensive R&D cooperation with famous universities and professional R&D institutions such as Second Military Medical University, Taipei University of Science and Technology, Yale University and Columbia University. Through the extensive Industry-university-research cooperation, it has built a leading high-end medical diagnostic R&D platform in line with international standards, and has accelerated the pace of internationalization of TIB.

    While developing,producing and selling IVD products, TIB has also established clinicallaboratory centers in Beijing and Fujian to provide advanced, rapid andconvenient medical examination, pathological diagnosis and health examinationservices to the society to directly serve the society using the TIB biotechnology.

    With persistent dedication to moleculardiagnosis, TIB aims to develop superior IVD products with better solutions forhealth care and benefits people all over the world.


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